Language skills and intellectual development for youngsters

In partnership with the Pjetër Bogdani primary school in Pristina, we are holding weekly informal classes for a group of 25-30 lower secondary school students at their school. This program has been designed to engage young students in English learning activities and make language learning easier and more comprehensive through different extra curricula types of activities and resources that develop not only language skills but also critical and creative thinking and working in teams. The classes are prepared and delivered by American Corner volunteers and staff . Since the range of our volunteer this year is very broad, we have decided to widen the array of fields in which classes will be conducted. Therefore, in addition to English classes there is added technology, art, history, American culture and lifestyle, sports, movies and more. All these classes are conducted using teaching materials and tools from the American Corner, such as interactive games, books, films, technology devices.

Timetable: 6 months