American Corner Pristina provides a wide range of technology equipment and tools for its visitors and members alike.

Desktop ComputersKindles
American Corner Pristina provides free internet access to public and members through its 7 (seven) modern desktop computers. The use of computers is limited to time periods, depending on the need of the user. We provide kindles to e-booklovers. We also use kindles to accommodate specific needs of our members who may not otherwise have the means to gain access to a specific item.
Computer Reservation SoftwareSmart Board
American Corner Pristina uses Computer Reservation software to manage large number of requests from visitors and members alike. It enables every user to have access to computers, by limiting the current user’s time to one hour session. If the user needs more time to work in the computer, she/he must contact the Corner’s coordinator. We use Smart Board for various activities. The Smart Board is a demonstration and interactive tool enhancing learning and teaching taking place in the Corner. If you wish to use the SmartBoard for personal needs, you must contact the Corner’s coordinator.
Four iPads are located at each of the American Corner Pristina to provide free and quick access to internet to visitors and members . The Corner has two laptops available for use by its staff and volunteers. The laptops are usually used for presentations. They may be used by the Corner’s volunteers to prepare activities and presentations related with the Corner.
Sound EquipmentTV Set and a DVD Player
Sound equipment tools such as speakers, sound system board, and a microphone are available at the Corner. They may be used for indoor and outdoor activities. If you wish to use the sound equipment for a presentation at the Corner, you must the Corner’s coordinator.A large state-of-the-arts TV screen occupies the elevated part of the Corner used for film and video screening. The TV is also used as a recreational area for patrons.
Wii GamesCD Players for eBooks and Music
A modern Wii device is available at the Corner. Wii games are used for building and enhancing children’s visual, auditory and kinesthetic skills. There are various educational and fun games available for children to have fun while they learn.CD players are available for members checking out audiobooks.
Movable Projector and Screen
A moving projector is available for use at the Corner. The projector may be used for presentations outside of the Corner’s space, and for outdoor activities. A moving projection screen is available at the Corner. The screen is used to support outdoor activities.