The Makerspace Chess Club

Start Time: April 11, 2019 16:00

End Time: April 11, 2019 17:20

Venue: American Corner Pristina

Age level: 15+

Speakers/Presenters: Leke Gusia


Chess classes are very common in modern maker-spaces and there are various examples of such clubs in makerspaces in USA and Europe. Scholastic chess helps improve concentration, develops logical and critical thinking, promotes creative problem solving and rewards hard work. These skills are invaluable to STEM education and the economy of the future, therefore chess is regarded as a gateway to STEM education. As strategic chess players, youngsters are more likely to succeed in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Through this program we will provide chess classes for beginners at Makerspace and organize tournaments of chess with the aim of developing certain skill-sets which contribute to encouraging STEM education.


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