Field Day – Young Reporters On Environment

Start Time: July 04, 2019 9:45

End Time: July 04, 2019 11:30

Venue: American Corner Pristina

Age level: 18+

Speakers/Presenters: Guxim Klinaku - Film & Documentary director


Young Reporters on Environment will consist of a series of workshops on digital photography and video-documentary that build up to a campaign of collecting information that contributes towards increasing knowledge on Kosovo`s environmental issues and solutions. Participants will learn short documentary-making and digital photography techniques through interactive activities, workshops, movie nights, filed trips and hands on activities based on the Smithsonian Institute design of Civil Society Certifications.

The goal of this project is to provide the participants with  interactive media skills which will serve them to broaden their knowledge on the effects of written and digital media, teach them communication skills and give them the chance to advocate for the solution of environmental issues in Kosovo. On the second part of the project, participants will shoot their own video-stories and produce their own photography exhibition with the aim of raising awareness on environmental issues and importance of environmental laws in Kosovo.

Skills to be obtained: video-editing, interviewing, shooting with a camera and movie techniques, argument-gathering through reliable sources, article-writing, advocacy & campaigning etc.

Partner organization: Keep It Green


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