Call for volunteers 2018/2019

American Corner Pristina – National Library of Kosova

Volunteer Application Form
Academic Year 2018/19

Publication date: September 19, 2018
Deadline: October 5, 2018.

American Corner Pristina is accepting applications for new volunteers for the academic year 2018/2019.

The deadline for submitting your application is October 5, 2018. All you need to do is to express your interest to volunteer by filling out this form and upload the required document. Before you begin to fill out the form, please review the Volunteer Positions available at the end of this announcement. Be sure to complete each relevant portion of the application; incomplete applications will not be considered.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted via email for interviews.

Fields with an asterisk are required.

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    Part III. Interests

    Q5. Why do you want to volunteer at our Corner?(*)

    Q6. What do you hope to gain from your experience with us? (*)

    Q7. Please tell us about any educational background, work or volunteering experience that would be relevant to the volunteer role you are applying for. (*)

    Q8. If you have volunteered before, please give details of where you have volunteered, for how long and describe your volunteer role.

    Q9. What hobbies, skills, special interests or qualities do you have that may be relevant to the volunteer role you are applying for? (*)

    Q10. Do you have any special needs you would like to share with us?

    Q11. Please select the volunteer work you are interested in doing. If you are accepted as a volunteer at our Corner, you are expected to be part of one of the following groups (check your first and second options)(*)

    *Note: Please read volunteer positions below so that you choose the group that is most suitable to you. You may choose to be a regular member of one specific group (your first choice), and/or select an optional group (second choice) for occasional contribution.

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    Volunteer Positions Available

    1. Administration

    • Shelve returned books and DVDs.
    • Shelve newly arrived magazines and sort through old ones.
    • Compare whether materials on the shelves are accurately represented on the Corner’s online catalog.
    • Make minor repairs of damaged items, such as books with torn or loose pages, worn spines and covers, lose hinges, detached covers, or other minor damage using material available from the Corner.
    • Maintain an inventory of mending supplies and recommends for future supplies.
    • Assist in creating weekly/monthly book lists for readers of different ages.
    • Assist readers with book/DVD suggestions. Be willing to learn more about online libraries such as eLibrary USA and open source platforms such as Project Gutenberg.
    • General cleaning of library monthly (to be assisted by other groups).
    • Replace staff serving patrons when necessary.
    • Act as tour guides at the Corner and the National Library when necessary.

    Benefits: Get to know how the library works and get basic training in library science.

    2. Projects/Special Events/U.S. Holidays

    • Plan and prepare projects for events and activities that foster the mutual understanding between the people of Kosova and the United States.
    • Plan activities for special events like presentations about American culture and traditions.
    • Come up with ideas for projects and activities with different groups of people (e.g. elderly persons) that may have a lasting impact on the community.
    • Plan activities for American holidays such as Thanksgiving and Halloween.
    • Take the lead in organizing regular activities like the Book Club, Writing Club, Green Drinks, Webinars and more.
    • Create materials for activities during events and collaborate with the Administration Group to make a file to preserve them.
    • Create a budget if any materials need to be purchased and submit it to the Corner staff at least two weeks prior to an event.
    • Collaborate with the Marketing & Outreach Group to conduct outreach in the community/schools/ youth centers, so students/teachers and others attend events.

    Benefits: Gain valuable experience in organizing an event or special project.

    3. Regular Events – Movie Nights/Music Nights/Exhibitions/Ted Talks

    • Suggest and select movies to show from the Corner’s collection and other allowable sources.
    • Watch the film ahead of time and plan a discussion afterwards. Make sure the discussion is moderated in English. On the day of the movie, set up the movie and moderate the discussion.
    • Suggest and select Ted-Talks that are relevant to the local and global situation.
    • Prepare music events such as presentations of American bands or singers. Invite local bands to play live sessions at the Corner.
    • Prepare karaoke nights with American music.
    • Make sure there are snacks/drinks available if deemed appropriate.
    • Create a budget if any materials need to be purchased and submit it to the Corner program manager at least two weeks prior to event.
    • Collaborate with the Marketing & Outreach Group to conduct outreach in the community/schools/ youth centers, so students/teachers and others attend events.

    Benefits: Gain valuable experience in planning and organizing cultural events.

    4. School Visits at the Corner

    • Plan an activity or a few activities for a group of students visiting the Corner.
    • Conduct a class for the visiting group in accordance with the Corner’s policies and using the Corner’s resources such as books, DVDs, magazines.
    • Work with English teachers from public and private schools.
    • Use the Corner’s resources during classes.
    • Promote American English and American culture through these activities.
    • Collaborate with the Technology group to encourage the use of Kindles/iPads in activities with students.
    • Collaborate with the Administration group to make an activities’ file, so we do not repeat activities.
    • Collaborate with the Marketing & Outreach Group to conduct outreach in schools so students/teachers plan visits to the Corner.

    Benefits: Practice your English teaching skills, and make contacts with teachers and students from schools around Kosova.

    5. Children’s Corner

    • Collaborate with the Administration Group to keep the Children’s Corner neat.
    • Keep the children’s books and games in order. Arrange children’s books according to age/category.
    • Prepare activities and conduct classes during visits by groups of children.
    • Conduct online research and prepare an innovative curriculum for activities with children.
    • Use the Corner’s resources during classes.
    • Collaborate with the Administration group to make an activities’ file, so we do not repeat activities.

    Benefits: Practice your teaching skills, and conduct elementary English classes.  Meet teachers, children and their parents from schools around Kosova.

    6. Technology Corner

    • Check computers weekly for stray files. Check and remove documents from computers as necessary.
    • Check computers, iPads, kindles, for unauthorized content.
    • Maintain and clean the headphones at the end of the week.
    • Assist other groups of volunteers with using technology resources during activities.
    • Assist in maintaining the Dropbox account to facilitate communication between the Corner’s volunteers, reporting and tracking hours for volunteers.
    • Assist in maintaining e-books and other materials in Kindles and iPads.
    • Willing to learn technical functions in the cataloging system. Help staff and others in managing the cataloging system.
    • Assist to maintain a special section in the Corner’s website if necessary.

    Benefits: Practice your IT skills, and gain experience in the field.

    7. Photography, Video Recording & Design

    • Take photographs and record videos during activities and special events at the Corner.
    • Edit photographs and videos and have them ready for posting on social media.
    • Create posters, brochures and other advertising materials for regular and special events.
    • Come up with creative and innovative ideas to constantly update the Corner’s interior look.
    • Coordinate with other groups of volunteers and assist them with photography, video, and other design-related needs.
    • Assist in maintaining an updated and organized digital folder with photographs and videos.

    Benefits: Gain experience in documenting events.

    8. Marketing & Outreach

    • Assist in preparing invitations for events, newsletters and other publications.
    • Come up with marketing ideas such as book/movie suggestions in online platforms.
    • Conduct outreach in the community, public/private schools, institutions and organizations.
    • Conduct outreach in the university and other youth centers to attract youth to attend the events.
    • Prepare and implement the Corner’s participation in events such as book fairs and other public organizations.

    Benefits: Prepare marketing strategies, gain experience with PR, and more.

    Note: All volunteers will receive a certificate of appreciation (including the volunteer working hours) at the end of the volunteering program. The certificate will be issued in collaboration with the National Library of Kosova.