PRI-Hack – Hackathon

Start Time: November 27, 2018 17:15

End Time: November 27, 2018 18:00

Venue: American Corner Pristina

Age level: Upper-Secondary School students (age 14-18)

Speakers/Presenters: Nerxhivane Pervetica


PRI-Hack Hackathon aims to teach young adults tech skills, programming, public speaking, contributing and working with other team mates to overcome fears, create projects, obtain knowledge and share experiences.

MLH’s Local Hack Day is a global hackathon and celebration of learning, building, and sharing and brings together over 6,000 participants across 34 countries and 236 cities around the world. American Corner Pristina has joined the event for the first time form Kosovo and this is the second annual year that we host such a hackathon!

PRI-Hack will welcome 40 participants to be part of the hackathon, joined by other  supporters in the quality of Mentors and Volunteers. Before the contest, a full training from Monday to Friday will be provided from a trainer to make the process easier for participants. Several training sessions during 5 days will cover lessons on soft and technical technology skills such as: Introduction to Hackathon, b) From the idea to finalization, c)Starting with projects-How to create the prototype, d)Brainstorming, e) Using technical tools.


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