Pottery Making – Painting the clay 1

Start Time: October 05, 2020 13:30

End Time: October 05, 2020 15:30

Venue: American Corner Pristina

Age level: 20-35

Speakers/Presenters: Granita Grezda - "Dhe by Granita"


Pottery Making is a hands-on makerspace program that intends to teach by doing. The aim of the program is to foster STEM education, to promote cultural heritage and its preservation, as well as to support economic development by encouraging craft businesses. 

The participants of this program will have an understanding of the importance of clay/pottery economy & culture, and will as well learn the art of pottery themselves. Currently in Kosovo, the art of pottery/ceramics is not very trendy, and this program intends to introduce new makers to a new form of expression. The participants will get introduced to clay the material, where it comes from, how it was formed, the history of using clay from early ages of human-kind. All the information will be given while the participants are working with clay/ceramics themselves. A special emphasis will be on the work of participants, their growth in the medium, and their departure with pottery skills and concrete products that they will produce while working at our makerspace.


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