Human Library-YES Alumni Kosova

Start Time: March 30, 2018 13:00

End Time: March 30, 2018 14:30

Venue: American Corner Pristina

Speakers/Presenters: Adelina Tershani, an advocate for gender equality and civic issues the community faces!

Lendi Mustafa, representative of LGBTQ+ community!

Shege Bahtiri, a psychologist by profession, in addition she also runs S'bunker which aims to help the youth of Kosovo think more critically!


What is a Human Library?

The Human Library is a concept birthed in Denmark in 2000 and is now organized all over the world. In a Human Library, real people are on loan to readers, giving readers the opportunity to listen to their stories first-hand.

Through Human Library SG, hope to break down social barriers by providing a safe platform for individuals to challenge the stereotypes and prejudices that they may have.


Partner organization: YES Alumni Kosova-American Councils


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